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About Angela Crook

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Angela Crook lives in Shaker Heights with her teenaged son and two crazy kitties. She is a proud member of a writer’s group with three other up-and-comers (the Literary Llamas) who meet once a month to critique, encourage, and revel in the pursuit of literary greatness. 

She has two published novels, “Fat Chance,” and “Chasing Navah,” and is currently at work on her third novel “Maria’s Song”.

Angela can be found on Twitter at @navah74, Facebook @AngelaCrookAuthor, and Instagram Angela__Crook.

A new book in the Fat chance series is here

New book: “Maria’s Song” Out now. 

Available at Amazon.com and at Loganberry books

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Fat Chance

When Bebe receives an email from her first love, her secret loneliness is revealed and she, with a little help from Navah and Maria, set out to reclaim her life, along with her body, as she searches for the one thing that money can’t buy—-love

Chasing Navah

Navah finds herself in the fight of her life. With the help one of her once biggest foes, and her best friends Bebe and Marie, who rush back to be by her side, Navah shakes off the fear that has held her hostage to her past and opens up her heart once again to the possibility of love.

Maria’s Song

Coming Soon…

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Fat Chance is a read that you will be hard pressed to put down. Crook writes from a place of sincerity and accessibility, which allows her characters multi-dimensionality and a relatability that is refreshing. Bebe and her sisters are at once the girls next door and the ones you live vicariously though. Some of their journey will leave you in tears from sadness, some will leave you in tears from laughing. Crook’s use of music as a literary motif throughout the book is engaging. From Ella Fitzgerald to Sam Cooke, music becomes a character that draws you in throughout the book, helping to tell Bebe’s story. Go buy this book!

J. Whichard

Great story! I couldn’t put it down. I would highly recommend reading the “Fat Chance” by the same author first, where we meet Navah, Bebe and Maria!

“Chasing Navah” continues after a year has passed. Having her closest friends move several states away, Navah is trying to get her life back in order. She’s working on forgiving herself, considering love again, and reviving her career. We go through her trials and tribulations, crying and laughing.

“Chasing Navah” teaches us about learning to love yourself, no matter how impossible it may seem… Read the book, both of them, you won’t regret it!!!


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